Both “evangelism” and “evangelical” come from the same Greek word, euangelion, that means “Gospel,” or “good news.”

Thus evangelism, quite simply, is the act of sharing the Gospel.

How one goes about sharing the Gospel can take on numerous forms.

Street preaching, handing out Bibles or tracts, hosting outreach events, engaging in political activism—all these might be things one thinks of when considering ways the church tries to share this gospel with the world.

But what about interfaith cooperation? What about building relationships of mutual respect with those of other faith traditions? Can this be evangelism?

We think so.

However, we also understand that the line between sharing one’s faith and aggressive proselytizing can seem rather thin. It’s this gray area—among others—that we hope to explore at Faith Line Protestants, asking questions like:

  • How does our faith motivate us to serve alongside other religious and non-religious traditions?
  • What are ways that Christians can share their faith in interfaith contexts productively and respectfully?
  • In short, how can we best be the salt and light we are called to be while living into our commitment to love our neighbor as ourselves? (See Matthew 5:13-16 and Matthew 22:36-40.)

Join us as we explore these and other issues at the intersection of interfaith and evangelism!

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2 thoughts on “Evangelism

  1. Mike Zientara

    Hey Cameron,

    Mike Z here. Well designed website here. I was wondering what alternatives you are suggesting in the realm of evangelism?

    1. Cameron Nations


      Thanks for stopping by! (And for the compliment.) Greg and I will discuss our thoughts on evangelism in much greater detail in a few upcoming posts. Over the next month or so, those posts will appear on the site, at an average of two per week– one from me and one from Greg.



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