Amber Hacker


Amber Hacker works for Interfaith Youth Core, (IFYC) an international non-profit based in Chicago, IL which seeks to make interfaith cooperation a social norm. IFYC believes faith can be a bridge of cooperation, strengthening our civil society and promoting the common good for all. As the Director of Alumni Relations, Amber Hacker oversees IFYC’s alumni program. Prior to managing the alumni program, Amber channeled her passion for student leadership development and service through her work with IFYC’s international interfaith service campaign, the Days of Interfaith Youth Service, and the Fellows Alliance, an intensive interfaith leadership program for undergraduates. Amber founded the Bridge-builders Network, an online gathering place for the interfaith movement, drawing over 3,000 interfaith leaders. Amber also organized IFYC’s 2009 biennial conference at Northwestern University and inaugural Interfaith Leadership Institutes hosted by Georgetown University and the White House. Currently, she manages IFYC’s alumni network where she equips and resources hundreds of IFYC graduates to continue to support their interfaith leadership. Amber founded IFYC’s Alumni Speakers Bureau, where alumni spread the message of interfaith cooperation to thousands every year all over the country through presentations to variety of organizations, including college and universities, public and private secondary schools, faith communities and non-profit organizations.

Amber loves a good bargain and in her spare time she shares money saving tips in her blog, Budget Hacker.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” Anne Frank

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