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D.C. Video Blog: Episode 1

I’m representing the University of Illinois today and tomorrow with two other representatives at the national gathering for the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. We’re trying to bring you a little bit of our experiences, so enjoy our first video blog below.

The days are packed and the internet is slow, but we’ll try to bring you a few more updates soon.

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Nick Price on evangelism in an interfaith world (via Relevant)

Nick Price kicks off a biweekly column on Relevant discussing interfaith and evangelism:

My hope is that evangelicals would have both a well-rounded understanding of interfaith work and its merits as well as a strong passion for evangelism and spreading the Gospel. These two values are not mutually exclusive, nor should they counteract each other as we engage in conversations with our neighbors of other faith traditions.

Check out the article here.

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New Look for Relevant Magazine Online

We thought it… relevant… to mention that Relevant Magazine just launched a new-look website at The platform frequently hosts discussions of interest to our work here at Faith Line Protestants, like this piece by Chris Stedman or a 2011 interview of Eboo Patel.

In fact, Cameron and Greg will be contributing to the new Relevant as part of a panel of op-ed  columnists with bi-weekly articles. Stay tuned here for links to those columns and, of course, check out the new

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Learning From People of Other Faith Traditions

A reflection from Connie Jakab on Sojourners God’s Politics blog: What Muslims Have Taught Me

Muslim people give me a picture of many things we miss in North America: community, going back to simple things like caring for neighbors and the poor, and restoring faith back as the main principle in our lives. We may judge them, but there are many things to learn and glean from them. To be friends with them is to be blessed.

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Interfaith Movement in the NY Times

NY Times opinion writer David Bornstein talks about the Interfaith Youth Core’s model for leadership and the movement that is taking place on college campuses. Faith Line Protestant’s own Greg Damhorst is quoted. Enjoy:

A Better Way to Talk About Faith

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Jim Wallis at ICIC12

We were thrilled to have Jim Wallis as a featured keynote speaker at the Illinois Conference on Interfaith Collaboration back in April. Cameron and Greg were both involved in organizing the first-of-its-kind event.

Jim’s keynote address was intended to be a conversation with IFYC founder Eboo Patel, but Eboo’s flight out of New York earlier that morning was delayed and he missed the connection to Champaign-Urbana.

Enjoy what Jim Wallis has to say about interfaith collaboration:

Note: We’d like to thank the Interfaith Youth Core for their support of Faith Line Protestants. This video includes some of the first footage taken with a new HD camera purchased with a grant from the IFYC alumni fund. We’re looking forward to producing more video content for this site in the coming weeks.

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The nonreligious and compassion

From God’s Politics:

“At the same time, Willer said, the view of nonreligious people as cold and amoral needs adjustment. “We find that nonreligious people do feel compassion for others, and that those feelings are strongly related to whether they choose to help others or not.”

I’m not surprised, as I know many nonreligious folks who show compassion and dedication to service. My question for believers: how does this inform and influence the way we engage our nonreligious friends?

Atheists, Believers Both Do Good But for Different Reasons, Studies Say

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