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Paul’s example of interfaith dialogue

From our friend Nicholas Price at Relevant Magazine Online:

The reality is that, when it comes to interactions with people of other faith traditions, evangelicals have been standoffish at best and, at worst, hostile. Too often those few interactions with communities from other faith backgrounds dissolve into theological slugging matches in which each side seeks to point out the flaws of the other, with evangelicals entering the fray in the name of evangelism.


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Honoring Muslim friends during Ramadan

From Christopher L. Heuertz at the Washington Post’s On Faith blog:

“Ramadan is not only a special time for Muslims, but for people of all faiths. For non-Muslims, we are invited to consider making our own sacrifices and we are challenged to follow the example of our devoted friends. This is a prayerful time to consider what a more peaceful world might look like if we’d all prioritize periods of religious or non-religious purification.”


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Practical Reasons for Interfaith Collaboration

Richard Stearns, President of World Vision says:

“There is room for everyone, and we can’t afford to have anyone on the sidelines”

Read about the global health summit discussing a very practical need for interfaith collaboration:

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Messy Religions and Interfaith Dialogue

From John Morehead:

In past encounters with those of other faith traditions, we have found that hospitality is the best way to address hostilities. Most if not all major religious traditions prize hospitality. Among other things, hospitality helps us move beyond simply seeing ideas and categorizing people in terms of “isms” and ideologies.

Read more at The Interfaith Observer:

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