Sorry, Pope Francis didn’t say that

The Internet is a wonderful place, is it not? Information is at the tip of your fingers and sharing articles and knowledge with your friends is so easy through Facebook and Twitter. The frustrating part about the Internet is that misinformation can also spread like wildfire as was the case with a recent post by the Diversity Chronicle entitled, “Pope Francis Condemns Racism and Declares that ‘All religions are true at historic Third Vatican Council.'”

In the name of religious literacy, I’m here to tell you that, well, Pope Francis didn’t declare that “all religions are true,” nor did he say that literal hell does not exist. The Diversity Chronical is a satirical site, but unfortunately news that the Diversity Chronicle is satirical didn’t go viral in the way this article did.

That being said, I think this reflection over at Revangelical about the Pope and this Diversity Chronicle piece is quite worth the read.

So, no matter how much the world, which has absolutely fallen head-over-heels for the Pope, desires that he becomes the Unitarian universalist Pope, I have a feeling that this faithful Vicar will remain the radically Orthodox Christian leader that he has always been. And I think we should be most thankful for that. Amen?

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One thought on “Sorry, Pope Francis didn’t say that

  1. nick price

    I’ve seen a lot of buzz around this. One of the things that I find interesting is how media outlets and non-Christian, non-Catholic individuals can’t seem to reconcile the Pope’s more conservative social views with his more conservative social views. It is tempting for people on both sides to try and shoehorn him into one camp or the other in order to advance their cause. I see the same thing done to evangelical leaders. So how can we help reframe and reorient the conversation in order to help people understand how we, as people of faith, approach these kinds of issues?


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