Persecution of Christians in America?

The word on the street is we’ll be having some conversation on Faith Line Protestants next month about Christian Privilege. This piece by Ian Harber popped up over at Relevant entitled, “The Myth of the Persecuted American Church.” I thought it would be a good way to get you thinking about some questions: Does Christian privilege exist in America? Does the persecution of Christians exist in America?

Harber writes,

It’s not that Christians are not occasionally persecuted in America. There are instances—such as an incident this summer in which Evangelical Christians were labeled as “extremists” in a Pentagon training session—that we ought to take seriously. However, the type of persecution endured in the United States is far less than anything our brothers and sisters suffer from around the world. In fact, calling Christians in America “persecuted” seems like a disservice to our fellow believers overseas who face jail—and far worse—for their relationship with God.




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