Re-Launching Faith Line Protestants

We are excited today to announce the re-launch of Faith Line Protestants. After falling victim to busy schedules and demanding academic curricula, the conversation which formally began two and a half years ago is restarting with renewed enthusiasm.

While Cameron Nations and Greg Damhorst will continue to contribute, they will be joined by three new regulars offering perspectives and opinions on living Christian in a religiously diverse world, engaging people of other faith traditions, and understanding the role that evangelism plays in following Jesus in 21st century America.

Our new contributors are:

  • Amber Hacker, Alumni Relations Coordinator at Interfaith Youth Core
  • Ann Marie Roderick, Masters in Divinity candidate at Union Theological Seminary in New York City
  • Rachael McNeil, Interfaith Coordinator at the University of North Florida

We hope you will be enriched by the diversity of experience and perspective, yet common vision of the contributors.

As always, we welcome your active participation in this discussion. All posts will be open for comments and we offer a standing invitation to guests wishing to contribute and article for this site (simply contact us at mail ‘at’

So, without further ado, enjoy the discussion!

– The Faith Line Protestants Team


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