Response to Tragedies in Oak Creek and Joplin

The burning of a mosque in Joplin, Missouri. A horrific shooting rampage at a crowded gurdwara outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

These two terrible events mark the latest in religious hate crimes across the US, and highlight the continued need for interfaith efforts in building bridges of understanding among people of all backgrounds. As the discourse around these two events develops, it remains clear that much is still required– even of large, mainstream media outlets like CNN– to better know the perceived “others” in our midst.

Our hearts go out to all impacted by these terrible tragedies as our prayers rise to the heavens, seeking reconciliation, solace, and peace. We stand in solidarity with the Sikh victims and their families as they deal with the profound terror of the attack perpetrated against them. And we stand, too, with the Muslims in Missouri as they seek to rebuild and repair their place of worship, just as we all seek to rebuild and repair the wounds in our hearts at the sad state of relations in our world today.

These events will continue to shape us as we strive toward a world in which differences are not addressed with violence or vandalism, and we must recognize them as an indication that working for dialogue is more important than ever.

May the Christian community show its best in the shadow of these two tragedies. May we reach out to those effected to fully extend the love of Christ and his servant’s heart in the restoration of these two communities. For it is in this way that we may also restore the whole community– the whole of humanity.

— Cameron and Greg

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