More on the Murfreesboro Mosque

Well, more has transpired in the ongoing ordeal for a Muslim community in Murfreesboro, TN to build a mosque. I wrote on this story last year when it first began to get widespread news coverage in the wake of the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy and comments made by then (then) Republican presidential nominee Herman Cain. Sadly, it seems things have not improved for Murfreesboro Muslims.

Being a Tennessean myself, I find this whole thing very disappointing. I’m on the lookout for any stories of positive involvement by local church groups– the Tennessee I know is better than this, and I’m sure stories of compassion and advocacy have to be out there. But, you know, the media being what it is means we might never hear those stories.

The trouble faced by Islamic community in Murfreesboro strikes me as terribly un-American. If Christians wish to continue trumpeting religious freedom as something worth preserving, they should also stand up for the religious liberties of those of other faiths as well.

If you guys know of any stories where local churches/the local Christian community has rallied to aid their Muslim neighbors, please shoot me an email at! I’d love to hear them!


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