Finally! I’m out of the thesis-cave.

For the past few months, my time has been engulfed by work, wedding planning, and thesis writing. But I am quite pleased to say that, though the wedding planning is still ongoing, the thesis is NOT. I have submitted it to the department for review, and can now breathe easy(er) and maybe–just maybe–get a bit of sleep.

What will I do with this new free time, you might ask? Do the things I love, of course. And that means more writing about the church, and developing new media content with Greg to provide even more resources on the intersection of evangelism and interfaith cooperation.

With the ICIC just behind us, there’s plenty to talk about! I look forward to getting back on top of things and stepping up to help poor Greg out, who has diligently maintained this site in my absence despite his own remarkably full schedule. (Sorry Greg!)

You will hear from me again soon…



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