A more compelling truth

I wanted to share a quick thought from worship this morning that effectively reiterates the number one lesson I’ve learned while writing this blog during the last year.

Today’s discussion wrapped up a multi-week series on Ephesians with verses 6:10-20 which discusses the “Armor of God.” In his commentary on verse 15:

and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace

the speaker landed on a point that I will paraphrase below:

When I present the gospel, people don’t disagree with me because it’s wrong. They disagree with me because I haven’t presented a more compelling truth.

I think that this idea follows logically, and necessarily, from believing the authority of the Bible as truth. As a Christian, I believe that I must be ready to communicate that truth. My observation, however, is that the majority of our efforts to present that truth, including many of the ways I learned to “do evangelism” growing up, fall painfully short of presenting the full truth – and often with negative consequences. Take the Harold Camping approach, for example, or the culture warriors or the evangelizers that Gabe Lyons discusses.

Based on my experience and my own spiritual journey, I contend that I have never found a better opportunity to present the whole compelling truth of the gospel than in the context of relationships facilitated by interfaith dialogue. Why? Because the interfaith movement is built on three basic principles: service, storytelling and relationships. Activities which, for a Christian, are exactly in stride with the ministry of Christ.

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